Your Top 10 Aussie Babes List

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Your Top 10 Aussie Babes List

Post by tpg » Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:40 am

Thought I'd pose the questions - what are you top 10 aussie babes at the moment?!? So with that in mind, here are my pics.

TPG's top 10.

1. Jennifer Hawkins
Naturally. The one time Miss Universe - I could easily write a 5000 word thesis on why she is so beautiful, but I won't here. lol. Jen is the epitome of the perfect woman! Tall, sexy, confident... and a little shy as well - what a woman!! God, whenever I see her I just think how wild it would be to really corrupt her!?!?! hehe

2. Erin McNaught
So sexy and feminine, she's only surpassed in beauty by Jen. IMHO, Erin has one of the most incredible bodies out there, and with her exquisite, petite frame, a set of n***les to die for. You also get a sense Erin would be the kind of girl you could just hang out at home with and fool around - the ultimate GF/bestfriend. Friends with benefits lol.

3. Holly Valance
IMHO, the closest thing [next to Jen Hawkins] to the perfect woman. Long lean legs, tight arse, with a flawless body (that tummy, mmm - homer voice) and face... it doesn't get much better than that! She also seems a little up herself, but that only makes me want her more!!! She's hot and she knows it!

4. Lara Bingle
Lara kind of seems really sweet and niave to me, but at the same time is blessed with this un-fuckin-believable body build for sin! I mean when was the last time you saw a girl her age with a body like that... wow! Its like receiving your L plates, and getting handed the keys to a ferrari!!

5. Suzie Wilks
For me, Suzie is the ultimate fantasy wife/MILF. I mean, can you imagine coming home to that everyday? You'd be a very happy man!!! The whole sexy little soccer mum just suits her so well!!! I only wish there was more of her on tv and in print.

6. Tara Moss
This woman is the reason I got into writing - my muse. She's smart, sexy, sassy, and kinky to boot! How can you go wrong with her? And with that sexy accent, jesus, I can only imagine her screaming... wait, I better stop before I go off into another tangent. All I know is night/home life with Tara wouldn't be boring! lol. Hmm, she could read you a bed time story too... damn, now that I think about it, she'd most probably be unbelievable at phone sex too - with that imagination. lol

7. Nikki Osborne
Sexy as all heck, with a killer rack to boot! Nikki's also got a great sense of humor which everyone knows usually equals great sex! Type of girl wouldn't be afraid to "try new things" and have some fun in the process!!! It's like rocket surgery?!? lol.

8. Sophie Monk
The ultimate one night stand - I only dream about bumping into a babe like her, and having the best, loudest, unrestrained sex of our lives!! God what *I* would have *her* do to me hehe.

9. Krystal Forscutt
Personally I love the younger less manufactured Krystal, but really I'm not fussed. This girl has without doubt, the single most incredible, thick, round, boot-a-luscious arse I have ever seen!! And combine that with her sweet girl-next-door face, and those huge fake puppies - not to mention that little shit eating grin she sometimes flashes when she's "up for it" and Jesus, you might die from it, but you'd go a very happy man! lol

10. Naomi Robson
For reasons I can't explain, Naomi just does it for me, and always has. Sure she's stuck up, conceited, and a royal bitch - presumably. But in saying that she's a stone cold fox!!! And couple that "attitude" with that face AND that rock hard body of hers...!!! I reckon once you got her going, you'd be hard pressed to find someone as wild and nasty - god knows she loves to drop the F bomb - imagine that x1000 between the sheets... lol.

So there are my top 10 picks, and I'd be very interested in seeing what all your favorites were?! God knows we have them in abundance here in Oz - we really are the lucky country!!!


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Post by Dv8 » Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:43 pm

...too many to choose from but anyway this is my top 10 for now in no particular order - Jennifer Hawkins, Isla Fischer, Abbie Cornish, Nicky Whelan, The Veronicas, Yvonne Strahovski, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Pippa Black, Natalie Gruzlewski changes weekly btw :wink:

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Post by zomg » Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:41 am

Nicole Kidman and Mel Doyle (Sunrise chick) milfs.

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Post by tpg » Sat Nov 24, 2007 5:21 pm

zomg wrote:Nicole Kidman and Mel Doyle (Sunrise chick) milfs.
Yeah oohkay? So you've got another 8 spots left on that "Top 10" list zomg...

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Post by gibbo » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:42 am

Great idea for a topic TPG.

Here are mine in no particular order:

Natalie Gruzlewski
Suzie Wilks
Megan Gale
Bree Amer
Holly Brisley
Jennifer Hawkins
Kylie Minogue
Melanie Symons
Sandra Sully
Lara Bingle

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Post by klew97 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:43 am

Rose Byrne
Nicky Whelan
Delta Goodrem
Erin McNaught
Nikki Osborne
Holly Valance
Krystal Forscutt
Jennifer Hawkins
Isla Fisher
Miranda Kerr

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Post by aka_Aussie » Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:58 pm

And mine in no particular order also :wink:

Holly Valance
Melissa George
Holly Brisley
Natalie Gruzlewski
Delta Goodrem
Kylie & Dannii (together) :D
Nicki Whelan
Kimberley Joseph
Nicole Kidman
Jacinda Barrett

I could easily add another 10 :!:

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Post by australiagod » Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:46 am


in no order at all

jennifer hawkins
holly valance
eliza taylor cotter
jelena dokic
kylie minogue
the 3 quizmania babes (amy, nikki, suze)
nikki whelan
sophie falikner
shelley craft
natalie bassingwaighte

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Post by camelfeet » Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:12 pm

1. Natalie Gruzlewski
2. Charli Delaney
3. Suzie Wilks
4. Kellie Connolly
5. Samantha Steele
6. Sally Williams
7. Mia Greeves
8. Jennifer Hawkins
9. Holly Brisley
10. Jodie Meares

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